Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The more you know!

I'm continuing my celebration of fall by wearing different boots every day until I run out. Yesterday I pulled out these:
Rhinestone headband - Nordstrom, Purple cardigan - Express, Dress - H&M, White socks - Target, Boots - Sam Edelman
These are my flat, equestrian-style, complete with silver snap buttons boots. I don't wear them often because they're flat.
And I am so short.
Sometimes, though, I'm craving a flat boot, and need this perfect brown color with just a tip of black at the toes, these get pulled out.
They do pretty well in both casual and slightly more dressed up occasions.
Something else I did yesterday, besides wearing boots, was discovering the Anthroholic scandal. Truthfully, I'm reserving judgment. It makes me feel sick that somebody could do this, and I like to always give people the benefit of the doubt. I also appreciated this post from Little Girl, Big Closet, which I thought did a good job of giving a possible explanation and empathizing--it is easy to become addicted to shopping, to the point where you make some seriously bad mistakes.
I myself am trying to avoid making bad mistakes. Hence, the shopping ban.
Shopping is fun, yes, and I love my clothes and accessories (clearly I love me some boots), but we all need to recognize our limits and priorities. Falling into the world of style blogging, even as a reader, has sometimes made me think, Gee, I want that, I want what she has, what will it hurt if I get one more sweater/necklace/pair of shoes/expensive ass bag/etc.? But you can't keep going sometimes, or you realize that even if you can, you don't have to. My shopping ban started off kind of bumpy, but since then, I've unsubscribed from emails, stopped looking at catalogs, and haven't gone to the mall. I didn't even go to Target for the Missoni collection (I know, but I'm not a total saint. I heavily hinted at Husband that maybe he could take a peek for me). I'm actually really proud of myself! Anyway, I hope that's helpful for at least one person to read. I'm not a super powerful fashion blogger with tons of followers and endorsements, with designer clothes up the wazoo, so it might not mean as much, but I still think it's important to be honest.


  1. Love the bright colored dress. We all have to have limits. Even if you bought so many things, there are always more things you'll want to buy. Because I don't go to malls much or stores, I don't feel like I'm missing out on much anymore.

  2. Yeah, I think not going to the stores is the key! Sometimes I drool over somebody's outfit online, but I don't ever get motivated enough to find it in the real world, and I'm not a big online shopper, so I'm safe.