Thursday, September 8, 2011

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

So here's the problem with this dress: it doesn't have a shelf bra situation built into it, and I don't have a bandeau tube bra. Thus, it really needs a shirt under it, but even better, it needs a shirt over it.
Floral shirt - Express, Black patent belt - Primark, Dress - Gap Outlet, Espadrilles - Me Too
I was in my closet last night thinking, How can I hide this bra situation? I decided on this shirt because of the darker purple and lighter purple flowers matching the dress. I wanted this combination to work so badly, I ignored that I needed a slightly thicker belt in the gray family.
And just tried to make it work with this thin, black belt.
So it wasn't a home run outfit today, but I still felt good for some reason. Mixing patterns regularly now, even when it's not such a great outfit, has given me a strange confidence. Also, I love these colors and the skirt has a nice swish to it. Perfect for the few times I left my chair at work, and later when wandering around Child's school tonight to meet teachers.
I still want this to work! Do we have ideas?
I think maybe wearing a purple cardigan instead of belting this might have helped (since I somehow don't have a thick gray belt). And/or wearing black boots. I tried going for black heels, but all of mine looked too dressy, whereas some casual black boots might have worked. Thoughts?

As for the title of today's post...I don't know, it's in my head. Because I keep thinking, How do you solve a this purple dress?


  1. I love this play with color and prints, I think it works really well! A thicker belt would be a really fun addition. Side note: I also want a cape for fall!

  2. i think everything looks good. very vibrant. hhmmm...maybe black flats?

  3. Isn't it weird that I don't have black flats? I considered my purple flats, but it didn't work well either. It definitely would have been nice to have shoes match the belt--sometimes fashion rules are there for a reason.

    So matching shoes and a wider belt. We'll see if I can work that out for fall and make this outfit better. Aaaand why not throw in a cape? :) We all need them!