Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hangin' out with T.J.

Husband, Child, and I took a weekend trip to Charlottesville, where we hung out with Thomas Jefferson.
Blue polka dot blouse - American Eagle, White and pink cami (underneath) - Express, Pink belt - American Eagle, Shorts - 7 for All Mankind, Blue boots - Fry
We like to strike similar poses next to statues. It's nerdy, but it's what we do. Besides being silly, we also learned a lot. (1) Thomas Jefferson was a tall dude, nearly 6'3". (2) T.J. had a lot of interests, including gardening.
These flowers are called Joseph's coat.
(3) His home Monticello was gorgeous. He had a big room, considered his dressing room, with a ladder going up to a closet above his bed. How exciting to have a large, yet tucked away, nearly hidden closet. His bed was in an alcove between the dressing room and his study, which went right into his library.
I'm standing outside his study, library, and sunroom here.
(4) Ol' T.J. was so into his books that after he sold a whole bunch to Congress, he took that money from selling them and bought a bunch more. "I cannot live without books," he said. A man after my own heart. I was going to buy a big plaque that said this very quote when Husband distracted me by offering me fried chicken and peach cobbler from Michie's Tavern.
Books, what?

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  1. Cool TJ info! Sounds like he's our ideal past period husband