Thursday, August 23, 2012

30 for 30 Pregnancy Edition: Outfit 17

I originally got this shirt to go with a pair of summery white shorts (which ended up being returned).
Shirt - Old Navy Maternity, Dress - ASOS Maternity, Watch - Michele Watches, Flip-flops - Rainbows
But what else could I wear it with besides my white skirt? I realized the orangey-pinky flowers on the shirt would go well with my pink maternity dress.
So I already starting planning on wearing this with my chevron dress too! Soon to come.
I didn't super plan out this 30 for 30 like I did the first time I did it, so I felt pleased to think up two more outfits for this shirt on the fly.
Think  you can't do a 30 for 30? Don't give up! You're more creative than you think!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

30 for 30 Pregnancy Edition: Outfit 16

Chevron has been everywhere the last few months, right?
Yellow cardigan - Gap Outlet, Bracelets - Nordstrom and Uniquities, White watch - Michele Watches, Chevron dress - Old Navy Maternity
It isn't surprising that it's infiltrated the maternity world as well, which really pleases me because I've been low on patterns in my maternity clothes.
And using a fun orange-y color too!
Old Navy had this dress available in white and navy too, which was tempting to get, but I love orange.
Am I the only one that thinks it's completely underrated as a color?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

30 for 30 Pregnancy Edition: Outfit 15

This particular Monday was a fun one for me, Husband, and Baby.
Purple tank (underneath) - Pea in the Pod, Patterned blouse - Destination Maternity, Purse - Uniquities, Black shorts - Destination Maternity, Flip-flops - Rainbows
We went to see The Wall Live with Roger Waters. It was one of the most amazing concerts I've ever been to, and maybe the last one I'll attend for a long time. Baby grooved to the music all night, and perked up a lot when we played the CD a couple of days later. I couldn't believe how much she moved!
Rock seems to be her favorite music.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

What have I been doing?

It's been over two weeks again since I've posted! What's been happening? A wonderful baby shower, preparing Baby's room, finishing up projects at work, cleaning my house so it'll be clean for as long as possible after Baby's arrival, and cooking and freezing as much as possible. So I'm kind of tired! But really prepared for Baby!
Filling out Thank You cards...
Having some easy meals from Whole Foods...
Baking and enjoying chocolate chip banana bread...
In between all of that, I'm trying to get some relaxing time in and spend time with family, especially Husband. My due date is in a a few days, which isn't to say that Baby will actually arrive, but if I disappear again for weeks, then her arrival is the reason!

Fave of the Week: June 30-July 6

My fave outfit of the week was from Thursday.
What do I like about it? Color blocking! I was asking a fashionable coworker just a couple of days ago, "Why wasn't color blocking a thing before?" It's easy to do, colorful, and fun. With this outfit, I played with two shades of green and my favorite shade of blue (a flattering shade on anyone!), a necklace using the same colors pulling it all together.

30 for 30 Pregnancy Edition: Outfit 14

How do you like to accessorize neutral-color outfits?
Necklace and bracelets - Fair trade store in UK, Beige and black shirt - Destination Maternity, Black shorts - Destination Maternity
I like going for a pop of bold color, like red and/or orange.
And a little bit can go a long way.
Accessories like necklaces always make me feel a little extra pulled together.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

30 for 30 Pregnancy Edition: Outfit 13

I've been so pleased with my green shorts.
Green cardigan - Gap Outlet, Blue tank - Destination Maternity, Necklace - Arden B., Green shorts - Destination Maternity
They're great for color-blocking!
And are a lot of fun for summer.
Have you invested in colorful or patterned shorts?
There are a lot of fun options, apparently even some for us pregnant ladies!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

30 for 30 Pregnancy Edition: Outfit 12 + Review and Wear Wednesday

We're not taking a break from the 30 for 30 because I managed to put together an outfit from my choices that tied in my book and the 4th of July holiday all in one.
Star scarf - Primark, Dress - ASOS Maternity
Okay, yes, it's a pretty simple outfit, but still, yay--stars, stripes, blue and white all rolled into one.
Maybe you think I'm missing something?
Some red maybe? Well, I have red lips, one, and two:
Don't forget the red in my patriotic nails!
And what about my patriotic book? I gave The Summer of 1787 by David O. Stewart 2 out of 5 stars.