Thursday, August 23, 2012

30 for 30 Pregnancy Edition: Outfit 17

I originally got this shirt to go with a pair of summery white shorts (which ended up being returned).
Shirt - Old Navy Maternity, Dress - ASOS Maternity, Watch - Michele Watches, Flip-flops - Rainbows
But what else could I wear it with besides my white skirt? I realized the orangey-pinky flowers on the shirt would go well with my pink maternity dress.
So I already starting planning on wearing this with my chevron dress too! Soon to come.
I didn't super plan out this 30 for 30 like I did the first time I did it, so I felt pleased to think up two more outfits for this shirt on the fly.
Think  you can't do a 30 for 30? Don't give up! You're more creative than you think!

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