Saturday, April 20, 2013

I've been gone for a while now...

So my baby is nearly eight months old. Isn't that wild? I had a baby. And she's growing up so fast.

Most days, I stay very busy juggling work and my regular home life plus the additional baby. But at least once a week, I think, Man, I hit it out of the park this week with my outfit. I should really just take a quick pic and throw it on the ol' blog. I haven't yet. Because it's hard to take the quick pic and even harder to take the time to blog.

I will admit that I miss this blog. Even if nobody really read it except a couple of nice friends and family members. It was a good reason to put in that little extra effort to pull together a look. It made me think outside the box, especially, yeesh, when I was trying to connect an outfit with a book review.

It's also just nice to have a little space to put your voice out there.

I might get back here. At the very least, I need to finish my 30 for 30 pregnancy edition. (I have the pictures all together, they just need to be posted and explained.) Maybe I'll even start doing this regularly again. For now, I'm enjoying my lovely baby. I'm grumbling that I can't wear certain clothes still (my hips? Or my thighs? Something has grown. Plus, I need clothes that allow for easier breastfeeding.). I'm a little sad that I can't accessorize as I'd like (I'm afraid to wear heels with her in case I trip. Necklaces, bracelets, etc., are just things for her to grab. What happened to my purse? It's morphed into a diaperbag). And my hair was never my strong point (I noticed in flipping through past posts how it was half the time just a big ball of frizz), but dang, I miss just wearing it down (the baby won't stop pulling on it. Even when it is up. It's ridiculous.).

So long for now, Blog that was all about Me. Right now I'm living a life that's all about somebody else. And that's okay. For now :)