Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lasting impression

For my last day of work in NYC, I wanted to leave a good lasting impression by wearing something still professional, but with even more of my own personality mixed in. (Apologies in advance for the terrible quality of these photos. Husband took my outfit pictures before my trip, and couldn't take anymore at this point, so I was relying on poor lighting and a timer.)
Black cami (underneath) - Express, Dress - Vintage, taken with many oohs and ahhs from Mom's closet, Belt - From a skirt bought at Primark, Yellow satchel - Kate Spade
I have wanted to wear this dress for the longest time, but it's never looked quite right. Now that midi-lengths are accepted, and even happily worn by those in fashion, this dress somehow looks right!
Mom, I wish you had more of your old stuff that I could now steal. And I'm sorry for ever making fun of your old clothes.
I actually had a black belt and shoes with this dress at first, but I had to switch those out once I decided on this purse.
Strappy wedges - Jeffrey Campbell
I thought to myself, Why have I not been doing more pattern mixing using belts?!
I need more patterned belts, right?
After work was done, I hauled all of my luggage to meet Best Friend (from college) during her lunch break. We had a quick catch-up of our lives at a cafe owned by Japanese people, which resulted in good food, barley tea, and a cozy, warm ambiance for us. There were several squeezing hugs that I cherished, then I was hailing a cab to the airport, and she went back to work.

Truthfully, I was feeling very sad about leaving, but I got back safe and sound, drove home, and left my bags in the car to rush in to see Husband. I was immediately hit with a wave of good food smells, saw a table set for two, and got more hugs before sitting down to a home-cooked meal. It was very sweet and made me very happy to be home!