Friday, September 2, 2011

At least I keep it real

I way overpacked for my Seattle trip. This is my busiest work trip every year, filled with conference time where I want to be comfortable on my feet, but also individual meetings where I want to impress. Then throw in walking around Seattle and the 50 to 70 degree weather. Add in the fact that while I want to look great, I cannot bring my best boots, dresses, purses, etc. because in the past I've scuffed way too many shoes, had clumsy people (errrr, including my own self) spill drinks on me (seriously, multiple times), and I worry way too much about losing things and or having things stolen. So I couldn't decide what to pack, so I packed everything, and none of it really makes sense anyhow.
Wrap dress - Express (Present from Sister), Blue cami - Express, Black tights - Nordstrom Rack, Patent leather shoes - Sofft
I wanted to wear comfy shoes. Somehow I didn't pack my flats. These shoes are comfortable, but I needed to wear tights to keep them comfy, but these tights made the outfit look so heavy. And the style of the shoes don't go. It was tragic--I felt ugly all day.
And you know how much of my happiness rests on my hair, which somehow looked like...this.
I do love these shoes, though. I'm trying not to blame them for me feeling so terrible today.
Because they're so pretty!
So. There's that. I know some fashion bloggers would never post an outfit fail, but I try to keep it real around here.


  1. Wow those shoes are too cute, I'm glad you took a close up of them, I couldn't tell from the first pic they were such a cute dark shiny red. I remember this dress! Still need to find me a wrap dress of my own

  2. Yes, yes, yes, wrap dresses are fantastic!

    Weirdly enough, I saw a fellow conference attendee wearing shoes just this color with black tights the day after posting this, but I didn't think she looked bad at all! Maybe it's the shoe style with this dress style?! She had a pencil skirt, light colored top, with a darker cardigan over it.