Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fave of the week: September 17-September 23

Whoa, is it me or did I have another good outfit week? And somehow, even when I'm not totally on board with an outfit during the actual day of wearing it, I see the pics and think, Actually, that was quite good. Also I realized that I almost had a theme going for the week of animals on my clothes--a ram, some fish, and bunnies. What other clothing do I own that has animals on it? I didn't even know I owned this many.

Back to the business at hand: For fave of the week, I'm going with Wednesday's outfit:
Once again, pattern mixing wins out. Can you believe when I first bought this skirt and its blue buddy that I thought I didn't have anything to go with them? It just goes to show you, you own enough stuff and something will work out! I work your imagination enough and commit to remixing, and you can find a fabulous combination without buying more clothes. Whew.

Also, I totally dig my socks.

Aaaand, if you noticed my hair looking especially straight and shiny, it's all due to Sister, who gifted me with a fabulous straightener. Thanks, Sister! Great hair is the perfect accessory to any outfit!


  1. I'm so glad u like the straightener, I've been meaning to ask how it has been working out!

  2. Ahhh, the straightener is awesome! I haven't used it to curl yet, but it's definitely better than my old, cheap straightener at getting my hair super smooth. My old one would give me weird hair flips at the end.