Tuesday, September 20, 2011

State of Wonder

When Husband saw me in this outfit, he said, "You look like the jungle." Perfect!
Blue striped shirt - Nordstrom, White tank (underneath) - Target, Skirt - vintage, from Mom, Black wedge boots - Gentle Souls from Kenneth Cole
He didn't even realize I wore this to go along with my review of State of Wonder by Ann Patchett! Which is of course set in the Amazon!
Black purse - Coach
Before I get all into it, though, just wanted to throw in my purse because I switched again. Also to express my sincere belief that Coach is like a gateway drug, except, you know, with purses. This is one of my favorite purses of all time, a surprise at Christmas, which got me hooked on really nice purses. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Back to books!
And swingy jungle skirts!
I gave State of Wonder a 3/5 rating. This is a solid novel. But I can't pretend like there's anything that jumped out to me that made me feel like, I love this book!

The writing was good, the story interesting, I very much liked the ending (though it wasn't exactly happy or wrapped up in a pretty bow). Set in the Amazon, the book takes us through some hard decisions that our main character Marina must make regarding friendships, love, her career, a pharmaceutical company's wants vs. mankind's needs, as well as a tribe's survival (you know, small things like that). I can't even muster enough energy to write much more of a review other than that, which is super unusual of me. Shrug. I wouldn't mind reading more from Ann Patchett, but I'm not running to the bookstore or anything.


  1. Love the swingy dress pic, been wanting to read this book too

  2. Thanks, the pic took a couple of tries, so it's nice to hear that it turned out well! I would be curious to hear your thoughts on the book too, whenever you get around to reading it.