Saturday, September 17, 2011

Real life color blocking

I know other style bloggers have hit everybody lately with New York Fashion Week pics. I most certainly did not go to NYC for that, but for my actual job.
These are my planned outfits and accessories.
This is one of my biggest work events of the year, so I wanted to up my game, but also I wanted to plan my shoes and outfits better than Seattle's trip.
Black heels for serious outfits, flats to change into while walking, funky but comfortable sandals.
I was super happy with my traveling outfit and day in the NY office.
Yellow cardigan - Gap Outlet, Teal blouse - Express, Black patent belt - Primark, Purple pencil skirt - Nordstrom
The skirt has a lot of stretch to it so it was very comfortable for the amount of walking, bending, and eating that happened on the first day.
Color blocking...
The teal and purple combo got a sincere compliment, from somebody that read in Real Simple that it's the latest color combo to make, but they hadn't believed it would work in Real Life. real life.
The day ended at a wine and chocolate bar with two friends, so I was happy that it wasn't all work and no play!


  1. love the way you've combined with different colors.;)

  2. Thanks, Sharda, for the visit and compliment!

  3. Love the color combo and your hair/make up looks very pretty in these pics

  4. Awww, thanks Cindy. That's especially sweet because it was the end of a day so I thought my hair and makeup looked pretty terrible!