Friday, September 2, 2011

Farmer Boy

I haven't been able to post anything for a while because it's been a busy work time, including taking a day to travel to Seattle. As much as I like dislike traveling (planes freak me out), I do like the quiet reading time!
And I have no shame, so I will read a children's book, complete with pictures, on a plane.
These pictures were taken after a day of traveling from the east coast to the west, so yeah, I look a bit tired, but this is pretty typical travel wear for me.
Blouse - Uniquities, Creme tank top (underneath) - somewhere from Japan, I think, Skinny cargoes - American Eagle, Ruffle army boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Gotta keep the shoes comfy while I'm flying across the country and through books. I gave Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder a 3/5 star ranking. Can you believe I've read and reread (and reread...and reread) the Little House books but never got around to reading Farmer Boy?

It was delightful. It reminded me a lot of Little House in the Big Woods, where yes, we had a lot of "this is how life was back then" facts but also a lot of sweet stories. Almanzo's Mother and Father remind me a lot of Laura's Ma and Pa. And Almanzo has the same innocence as Laura, but growing up on a thriving farm, giving us stories of pigs, horses, and pumpkins. It's interesting to think about the legacies of farm life, such as summer breaks off from school and fall county fairs.
Also, all of this reminded me...has anybody else checked out My Daguerreotype Boyfriend?
There's a picture of Almanzo Wilder on it! Hi yo--he was pretty cute!


  1. I know, I felt weirdly proud of Laura on a whole new level!