Saturday, September 17, 2011

The little red dogs

It's been nearly a week since I've posted anything, the longest I've gone since starting this blog! It's truly been a crazy week, with a quick trip to New York to cap it all off. Whenever I'm planning a work trip, my outfits before the trip are usually low-key.
Top - Nordstrom Rack, Necklace - Arden B., Dress worn as skirt - Ann Taylor Loft, Sandals - Jeffrey Campbell
This dress is a faux wrap dress, and I'm always trying to figure out other ways to wear my dresses. I noticed this shirt had hints of red that perfectly matched.
Those are little red dogs on there.
I was happy to find a looser top that allowed for the slightly bulky sleeves and top part of the dress (there are multiple buckles on sleeves and front pockets). It's also a good idea when you have a looser top to pair it with a skinnier bottom.
You can see through my hair some the collar of the dress peaking out from the top.
This wasn't my favorite pairing of all time. I couldn't decide if I should just embrace the collar of the dress, or if it was awkward. The dress's front flap of the faux wrap isn't enough on the side, but too much on the front, which I always find to be strange. I'll have to keep seeing how I feel about this dress, or if it needs to go in the donation pile. That's what happens when you're desperate for work dresses and you find some on sale.

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