Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where's your Carolina blue?

Nothing makes me feel more at home than sleeping in, eating whatever food we can pull out of fridge, and slipping on the Carolina blue to visit with...
Rameses, also decked out in Carolina blue, looking adorable.
Husband and I went to the Carolina vs. Virginia football game. It was weird going from liking Virginia very much after visiting Charlottesville just last week to feeling like I wanted to deck the woman next to me for screaming, "Wahooooooooooos!" every two seconds.
Sweatshirt - Some store on Franklin St...., Belt - Target, Skinny jeans - 7 for All Mankind, Boots - Some store in Oxford (I know, it's amazing how much information I have in this noggin)
I mean, I look pretty fierce, right? The milk braids (probably the best I've ever gotten them) scream "Warrior!", right? Picture of a ram wearing a little hat is pretty darn dangerous looking.
Whatever, I don't need to be tough, the team needs to be tough.
How did the game go? We whipped them. 3 and 0, baby.


  1. Cute UNC outfit, how come the only thing I can come up with is a Carolina T shirt and some jeans?

  2. Well that's essentially what this is! Just wear a more fitted shirt, tuck your jeans into some boots, and throw up your hair in a kicky ponytail if you can't do braids (but really, they're pretty easy!). Oh yeah, and a swipe of lipstick :)