Saturday, September 17, 2011

Culling the clothing

And now the day before New York, I went super casual, which for me, means that I'm not even wearing jeans, I'm going straight for the leggings.
Pink shirt dress - Primark, Black leggings - Roots, Black heels - Target
I love this shirt dress, but it's another example of a sale item that I'm not sure about. I have a good amount of clothes now, but there was a period of time that I was building my wardrobe by buying things I vaguely liked or of questionable quality just because it was well-priced. I don't recommend staying with that plan when you have a lot of clothing options, and some might say not to do it at all.
But I did manage to accumulate a few things I genuinely liked.
The only problem is that while I like and love some of these things, I don't particularly like when my clothes actually look cheap or ill-fitting.
Black cardigan - Gap Outlet
For example, this dress likes to gap at the front of it, so I fidget with it a lot. Fidgeting with your clothes screams insecurity and uncomfortableness. Not a good look for anybody. I might
try to layer this top under some dresses, but I think otherwise, it'll also need to hit the donation pile.


  1. I think its pretty darn cute! but understand how the gap would get on your nerves

  2. The gap drives me bananas! Maybe I can secretly sew that bit together?