Sunday, August 21, 2011

You's a window shopper

So yesterday I did not go to see The Help. Instead Husband and I went to the mall. I told him part of me did not want to go because of my self-imposed shopping ban. But the other part of me was flipping through the August Nordstrom catalog and the J.Crew catalog on the car ride over. He told me we would just window shop. Then mentioned how I had to try on J. Crew's No. 2 pencil skirt in viridian green. We are very bad for each other.

Before we left, I convinced him to take a pic of me outside.
Light blue headband - Target, Multi-colored necklace - Aeropostale, White blouse - Anthropologie, Black quilted purse - Uniquities, White watch - Michele Watches, Gold, white, and multi-colored bracelets - Nordstrom and Uniquities, Black silky shorts - Express, Gold espadrilles - Michael Kors
 Oops, under the shade.
Ahhh, sunshine.
As you can see, I'm doing the no heat curls hairstyle again. It's the perfect updo for when it's hot, and you want to keep your hair out of your face while shopping. Also, am I the only person who gets crazy hot while trying on clothes? Really it's for the best that I keep my hair off my neck during these times.
Stores visited included The Limited, just opened at my favorite mall! I got an invitation to an RSVP opening event...then promptly failed to RSVP, and I found out they were at max capacity. Ugh. Still, it was fun visiting, and I think it'll be my new go-to place for work clothes.

Speaking of work clothes, who else reads 9to5chic? I discovered it maybe two and a half weeks ago, and devoured the entire blog. Anh has great style, and a penchant for Chanel purses. It might have influenced me the last time I went to Uniquities and saw this:
If it had big fake Cs on it, I would have definitely resisted because I hate knock-offs. But a lady-like purse clearly inspired by Chanel? Yes, please. Even while on a shopping ban.

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