Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I got the blues

I have a couple of favorite dresses from Anthropologie. This is definitely the prettiest dress, the second dress I ever bought at Anthro. Today's dress, though, is my first dress from Anthro and by far the best deal I've ever gotten from there. Behold:
Twenty bucks. That's right--twenty.
I love the full skirt, I love the rich blue, I love the buttons and collar, and I love...
the pockets!
In fact, I love this dress so much, I wore it the day after my wedding. Today it got pulled out because I felt like wearing it before summer wrapped up. Then I remembered that a button had fallen off, so I grabbed this cardigan and buttoned it a bit to cover it. Then I thought, Uh oh, color blocking time! I went for the pink/red combo everybody's been doing lately, but with red shoes (which I always feel like are pink, until I see them next to real pink...but next to true red, they look more red-pink...) and a pink cardigan (it's kind of a pink coral instead of a true pink). I would like to focus more on the pink/red combo (and ditch the blue...and have truer colors) but I don't think my closet can provide, so this is my version.
Pink cardigan - Express, Blue dress - Anthropologie, Red espadrilles - Me Too
And I can't forget to show you my hair, still showing some curls and waves from the no-heat curling.
Hair clip - Present from Mom's trip to Japan a few years ago
In other news, I spent my whole night being Martha Stewart. I made dinner (her honey-mustard chicken with onion and a spinach salad), then proceeded to get into some baking (her zucchini-banana-flax muffins and soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies). I am super tired, but ate some goodies to make sure they tasted great for Child's first day back at school.
Next time I'm doing all of this, I'll wear Martha Stewart blue (yes, she has her own color. See in the corner my stand mixer and hand towel? Martha Stewart blue.)


  1. I don't have the energy to dress nice every day or cook any day much less do both, you are amazing!

  2. Thanks! It was definitely a busy day!