Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Husband said I looked liked a beautiful angel in this get-up.
Purple headband - Nordstrom, Dress - Jovovich-Hawk for Target, Gold espadrilles - Michael Kors
I was actually going for ethereal, so I definitely appreciated the compliment.
Then other people made fun of me for being a hippie.
Something else I appreciated--how I thought I could only wear this dress styled in one way, but then when I was deciding on shoes, figured out four other ways to style this.
I really need to write down those combos before I forget...maybe I already have...
Also, training your hair not to be washed except for...maybe once a week...means that my hair trick from the weekend is still playing out.
And for a girl that hates styling her hair, that's pretty sweet.


  1. very cute and sweet, the shape reminds me of an angel but the pattern reminds me of a flower child hippie