Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not quite fun bun

Oh, 30 for 30 skirt--I just can't quit you.
This morning I tried to do the fun bun, as seen on the beauty department. I think my hair was too flat and straight or something? Because it was not working (yeah, I skipped Step 1, oops). Regardless, I had fun anyway, and a bun, just not a fun bun.
Cardigan - Express, Top - Ann Taylor Loft, Belt - Primark, Skirt - Anthropologie, Wedges - Jeffrey Campbell
I hesitated wearing this outfit because I wasn't sure about the pattern mixing, but it follows the pattern mixing rules! Similar colors (pink, the dusty, faded black), and solid color add-ons to pull it together (the cardigan and belt). Maybe a lighter pink cardigan would have helped? A smaller pattern on my shirt? Any suggestions?
Suggestions are always welcome.


  1. You should totally post this outfit on the Everybody EveryWear pattern mixing page! I love how you play with print, definitely need to steal a page from your book of styling :D

  2. Fun bun looks kinda hard, very cute though. Agree with Cara, awesome job mixing up the prints!

  3. Thanks, ladies. Also, thanks for the suggestion, Cara. I just checked now, and they already closed on postings--darn it! I'll definitely have to keep checking back with them, though!