Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All's well that ends well

So remember when I wore this skirt a couple of weeks ago and felt so Meh about it? Turns out it just needed to be remixed to get some happy feelings from me.
Tunic as shirt - Arden B., Black cami - Express, Belt - Express, Skirt - Ann Taylor Loft, Blue boots - Frye
And of course be worn with my beloved short cowboy boots.
Sorry for the dark pics today. I'm trying out new photo places and times.
I built this outfit around my tunic, which I love but doesn't get out of my closet much. So then I thought, what if I pair it with a bottom I don't love so much?
Turns out it elevates your love for Meh bottom!
And I had to pair these boots with this shirt. When I first got these boots and thought they would go with nothing, I wore them with the only thing I found that I thought worked with them--this tunic, which has bits of blue all over it. Ugh, I wore them with black jeans that weren't skinny enough, and I looked disproportionate and lumpy all day.
Hard to see, but there really is blue all over it!
Anyway, it scarred me almost for life because it looked so terrible. But then I discovered my boots go with everything, and this tunic has breathed new life into this skirt, so I will forgive it for messing up my first boot outfit.


  1. Great remixed skirt, I love this look! Those boots are adorable but I totally feel your pain about skinnys not being skinny enough to fit in them. Adorable!

  2. I love the shape of the tunic top how it comes off the shoulders

  3. Thanks, Cara and Cindy.

    I completely hate when that happens with my skinny jeans. It's why I ended up buying jeggings, even though when they first came out, I thought I would never go there! But they get the job done!