Monday, August 1, 2011

Let's go to the movies!

Husband and Child wanted to see Cowboys and Aliens on Sunday, so off we went to the movies. I got annoyed on the drive there because it started to rain. Husband was annoyed too. "Why couldn't the rain start after we got into the movies?", he asked. "Why couldn't it start before we left the house?", is what I complained about. I really wanted to wear my pink rain boots with my dress.
There was only a chance of rain when we left.
I mean, I picked out this dress in the hopes that I could wear them with my rain boots. When it wasn't raining by the time we left, I just gave up. Thwarted again by the lack of rain.
Blue cardigan - Banana Republic (present from Mom?), Dress - Tucker for Target, Espadrilles - Me Too
The movie was...fine. Entertaining. Daniel Craig was beautiful, though, and since we like to talk about clothes around here--he should wear chaps all the time.


  1. Yes it was from mom, you look really cute. How was the movie? Saw Rise of the Apes this weekend, pretty good...

  2. Sometimes I get the presents from you and Mom mixed up! I thought it was Mom, though. I'm glad to hear Apes was pretty good. Cowboys and Aliens was okay, but I wouldn't rush to see it. Parts of it I felt like, Eh, this is a bit weak. I'm always happy to still see Harrison Ford doing stuff, and Daniel Craig was gorgeous!!