Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mama wear

Yesterday, Husband and I went with Child to the open house of Child's new school. We were super excited.
Green cardigan - Gap Outlet, Necklace - Arden B., White tank - Target, Zipper belt, worn backwards - New York & Company, White skirt - Charlotte Russe, Brown wedges - Sam Edelman
My feet maybe only started to hurt our fourth time around the building.
Edges of the wedges cutting in a bit.
But you know what I try really hard not to do? Complain. Because it doesn't make you feel any better, it doesn't usually make things go faster (I will only complain if it might help that), and it completely ruins your outfit.
You want to be Lady with Great Shoes (and whoa, apparently Great Calves, if I do say so myself).
You do not want to be Lady Who Wears Ridiculous and Inappropriate Shoes and Whines Like a Child (not like my child, but a child in general), especially when you're around lots of children. You gotta be Tough Mom.
I look tough, right?
Speaking of moms, I saw this slideshow today of Jennifer Garner's first trimester mama wear--was she hiding the bump well or not? (1) I love, love, love that blue gown in the second picture. (2) Lots of people said she seems like a great mom and a normal person, but then one person said that she needed to stop shopping at the Gap Outlet. Haha, OMG, I recently bought a great deal of things from the Gap Outlet. This cardigan, in fact, is the last of that haul which included 10,000 other cardigans and a few dresses. I felt slightly mortified, then had to reassure myself I did not look like...well, some of those less flattering Jennifer Garner shots. Then I felt bad again because Jennifer Garner seems super sweet, but whatever, I'm going to say it--Jennifer Garner, pull it together. You can run after kids and still wear clothes that fit (and I know you wear ill-fitting clothes even when not pregnant). You can even wear sneakers because, man, these wedges did kill after a while.


  1. Love the outfit and your calves do look super hot! The biggest thing with jennifer Garner isn't the gap outlet clothes, its that she doesn't seem to wear the right size pants and shirts.

  2. Finding the right fit is so important!