Monday, August 22, 2011

Mixin' it up

Time for some serious pattern mixing.
Yep, we've got three patterns in this picture. And browns and black.
I've had this pink top since high school, but rarely wear it because there's something about those muted pinks that I think isn't so flattering with my skin tone. I was in the mood to wear it, though, thinking about The Limited opening at my nearest and favorite mall.
Sleeveless shirt underneath - The Limited, Brown and creme shirt - Express, Black belt - Primark, Brown pinstriped skirt - Express, Creme and black flats - Sam Edelman
You know what we really need in this area, though? Zara. No doubt. I probably wouldn't even bother to go anywhere else if we had that.
And maybe Club Monaco too.


  1. Close up I almost thought the pattern was too much but paired with the nude skirt and cute shoes, its perfect!

  2. Thanks! Sometimes I think I might look a little crazy, but eh, that's part of the fun of dressing.