Sunday, August 7, 2011

This is pretty much an ad for Uniquities

Husband and I popped into one of our favorite stores, Uniquities. I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban, but they had a lot of cute things.
So guess what happened?
Ahh, summer, you truly call for rompers. Also a belt Mom gave me as a challenge. Pshaw--guess she didn't realize that I had a hair accessory to perfectly go with it.
Head scarf - Target, Denim striped romper - Gap Outlet, Purse - Burberry, Chain belt - Nordstrom Rack (from Mom), Wedges - Me Too
The last time I wore this romper on ABCD, I also wore a chain belt, just a different one. If I get a chance to wear this again before the summer's over, I'll probably need to find a different accessory.


  1. Thanks! That's one of my favorite hair accessories, so I was happy to incorporate it in a cute outfit.

  2. What did you buy? Is this a necklace or a belt, j/k!

  3. I know...I'm tempted to wear it as a necklace too....My purchases will be revealed at a later time--promise!