Saturday, May 21, 2011

Look, Ma, no hands!

Today was one of those days where I felt like such a grown-up. I went to the gym! I cleaned bathrooms! I flipped through Martha Stewart magazines for recipes! I accompanied Child to the school's carnival! And I went grocery shopping, remembering to bring my own reusable bags. And I just thought, How did this all happen? When did this all happen? I counteracted all of that grown-up stuff, though, by wearing a romper.
Yellow cardigan - Gap Outlet, Striped romper - Gap Outlet, Chain belt - Nordstrom Rack (gift from Mom), Watch - Michele Watches, Hat - American Eagle, Sandals - Jeffrey Campbell
I even dried my hair properly and used rollers and everything. Then promptly covered up all of that hard work with a hat.
And sunglasses - Ray-Ban
I believe in protecting yourself from the sun. And accessorizing.
Mom got me this belt last Christmas, as part of an inside joke. I don't know if she even expected me to wear it, but I took it as a challenge. And it actually goes surprisingly well with a lot of things, giving a little bit of bling to unexpected outfits.

Also showing how much of a grown-up I'm not, here's my latest book review. I read The Last Vampire 2: Black Blood by Christopher Pike. I read the series when I was a kid, and remembered them as being fabulous. I still love vampire books, shows, movies, etc., so I thought I would see how the books held up. I gave it 2 out of 5 stars.

First, let me say that I was reading this on a plane back from Arizona and had to keep it as hidden as possible because look at it. It just looks embarrassing (and I don't get embarrassed by much). If you open that first flap, wowzas, there's a sunset, a pretty blonde girl, a crazy demon hand, black roses, a graveyard, and an open coffin with another crazy demon hand coming out of it. Hahaha, amazing.

Anyway, this is the second book in The Last Vampire series, and it's better in some ways...worse in a lot of ways. Okay, the bad-assness of Sita has worn off a little because a couple of times, I just think she's stupid. Hello, Sita? Is it really that hard to figure out Yaksha' story? Sigh. And Ray is such a drip; I actually felt happy when he died (sorry, I know, that sounds really mean). Basically, if Todd Wilkins from Sweet Valley High became a vampire, that would be Ray. Just snooze-ville.

Pike steps things up, though, by giving us a psycho vampire for Sita to fight against. And get this, he stole Yaksha's body from the morgue (Yaksha's Sita's maker, whom she thought she killed with that whole big chair bomb in book 1--how could that possibly have failed?, you ask. I know! It seemed like such a foolproof plan!). So psycho vampire Eddie has been driving Yaksha around in an old ice cream truck, but of course Yaksha's been pierced with a bunch of silver rods to keep him still and in agony, so Eddie can drink his evil, powerful blood any time he wants. Haha, that's about as amazing as the cover. Anyway, Sita ends Yaksha's suffering, then has a final showdown with Eddie in a giant freezer at his creepy mom's house. Oh, then she makes herself a new immortal boyfriend (a detective this time, not a high school drip, thank goodness). So yeah, crazy, but not as cheesy as book 1's big showdown.

I will obviously read book 3 and giggle to myself non-stop.

My review for the first book is here.


  1. I've been wanting a romper outfit, you need to help me found one

  2. I'll let you know if I find another one! I just searched online and thought I found some...but they were kids' rompers. As to be expected.