Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I believe in shopping while traveling. It brings back good memories from your trip. Even if this dress is available at every Gap in the world, to me, it still says, "Arizona!"
Blue cardigan - Gap Outlet, White cami - American Eagle, Dress - Gap Outlet, Watch - Michele Watches, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
When I bought this cardigan, I thought it would be perfect with this dress, and it is...color-wise. It looked a bit too loose, though, sadly  hanging around the dress, not close enough to my body. I tried to button it and then tried to belt it, and it just didn't look right. Finally I pulled it behind me and buttoned the bottom two buttons.
It looks kind of terrible in the picture with that bright flash, but in real life, it just looked like it was tied back. (Or maybe in real life it did look terrible and I couldn't see that clearly looking back into the mirror.) And it looked how I wanted it to from the front and side, which was not so billowy.
Even though my outfit still says, "Arizona!", I'm definitely back into the swing of things at home. I'm catching up on all of the shows I DVR'd and made dinner tonight (Martha Stewart's rigatoni with sausage and parsley). I've even made a dent in The Instructions!


  1. I love how resourceful you got! Love how you pinned your cardigan.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I am soo trying this! I have often thought that my outfit needed to simply be pulled back a bit. You are amazing!


  3. what a neat trick! great job :)

    when you said you thought of "arizona" b/c you bought the dress there, i actually thought the dress's pattern was also a bit arizona-esqe, hehe. the cardi and dress are a sweet combo :)

    kimchi girl

  4. The pattern is definitely reminiscent of Arizona! Normally the clothes I buy while traveling don't work out quite so well like that, so it's a fun bonus.

    I'm so glad other people agreed about the cardigan! I felt kind of crazy blogging into the ether about it.