Monday, May 16, 2011

2 for 1

So I took a break from blogging my outfits because I was traveling for work...and I haven't figured out how to set the timer on the camera. Here's me before flying away:
Denim jacket - Gap, Kiss T-shirt - Husband bought and doesn't remember from where, Watch - Michele Watches, Skirt - Old Navy (Husband found), Boots - Frye
This is generally how I look before hopping on a plane. Short-sleeve shirts are necessary for hot planes or running to a gate. Jackets are necessary for cold planes and airports. And shoes need to be comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and go with other outfits during the trip (and I believe these boots go with everything).

So now that Husband has also flown out to join me for a mini-vacay, I'm back to posting outfit pics, like today's. Guess where we're at?
Don't believe my shirt; we're not in Texas. Arizona!
Shirt - Houston Airport (Husband found), Purse - Treesje (Husband found), Watch - Michele Watches, Skirt - H&M, Boots - Frye
This purse accompanies me a lot on trips, as it's the perfect size and the silver/gold color of it goes with everything. I was pretty proud of myself for combining the rest of this outfit. The burnt red and yellow on the shirt blended well with the off-lavender skirt, and the blue on the shirt went well with the boots.

So what happens besides boot-wearing when I travel? Lots of reading! I read Dead in the Family, the 10th Sookie Stackhouse book (the series True Blood is based on). I gave it 2/5 stars.

I think reading two Sookie novels back-to-back was a mistake (I recently finished Dead and Gone). Sookie got under my skin, and sometimes, whoa, the writing was baaaaad. For example, in book #10 of the series, there were a whole lot of vampire sires showing up, along with the other vampires these sires had made. Sookie, in trying to understand the relationships between Bill's sire and other vampires, says this, "So Solomon was your grandfather, since he begat Lorena," I said biblically. (1) Sookie, I understand you are a simple Southern gal, but not everything has to be broken down where everybody is your auntie or grandpappy or what have you. You can just say that Solomon made Lorena a vampire, and then Lorena turned Bill and Judith. (2) Begat? This does not make you sound smart. Or biblical for that matter.

Another problem with this book? Truly, there are too many threads going on. Like if in book #9 Niall has closed the fairy portals, can we just drop everything with the fae? Instead of having some random ones continue to run around in Sookie's life? Like do we need Claude running around? No. Claudine was worth something, Claude is just filler.

The FBI? Also can go away if Niall has paid them off.

I can't put my finger on Sookie sometimes, too, which drives me a little batty. Like what is with all of her general knowledge about Alexei? And sometimes Sookie is really able to tap into the telepath powers, and other times, not so much. Like she needs to be drugged up at the werewolf meeting to really see who the traitors are? I know she has trouble reading shifters' minds, but remember 10,000 books ago when she was able to figure out who was telling the truth between Alcide's dad and the other potential (eventual) packleader? Can we have some consistency, please? Also, why does Sookie sometimes just really, really have hate for some vampires without much explanation, like Sophie-Anne's right-hand man and Ocella in this book? I mean, I get why when I think about it, but they all do some shady shit, so to single out some to hate while she clearly loves the others, meh, I don't buy it. Ugh, and it drives me bananas when a whole group of super old, and supposedly very smart, vampires and sexy werewolves all stand around not getting something, and ta da!, Sookie says something that nobody else thought of, and we're all supposed to feel like, Good job, Sookie! You belong to this supe group. Lately I just feel like, This is not believable, not at all. And when we're all surrounded by vampires and werewolves and unreal, magical happenings, I need the actual person, our main character, to be believable.

There were still a few funny, sweet moments that saved the book for me. Surprisingly, mainly involving Claude, so okay, maybe he isn't just filler. But now I'm going to take a break before reading book #11. I want to be back to loving Sookie and the series.

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  1. Good airport dress advice, I'm def going to remember it