Sunday, May 29, 2011

Orange you glad?

Yesterday, Husband and I went to the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale, requiring comfortable and easy-to-take-off clothes. And though I wanted to wear a summer dress (it was really hot), I dislike trying on just a top...and realizing that I also need to find bottoms to get a realistic picture.
Orange Blouse - Banana Republic, Tank top - Target, Watch - Michele Watches, Bracelets - Uniquities, White Shorts - Martin + Osa, Colorful Wedges - Target
These are some of my favorite summer shoes. I saw that at Target and needed them, and was delighted when I saw the real shoes that Target ripped off a few weeks later at Nordstrom, costing a whole heck of a lot more. They looked exactly the same!
I was too exhausted after hours of scouring the mall to put up my outfit post, so there's yesterday's, and here's today's:
Shirt - Anthropologie, Gold leaf necklace - Arden B., Bracelets - Uniquities, Skinny jeans - 7 for all Mankind, Gold wedges - Michael Kors, umm...bra strap - Victoria's Secret
More orange!
I saw this top on sale at Anthro and was feeling like, Ehhhhh, but I enjoy trying on things when I think they look terrible on the hanger. Because when they end up looking fabulous on you, it's an extra fun surprise.


  1. That's better than when a shirt looks fabulous in the hanger but terrible on you. It always happens to me, hehe.

    Love all your outfits, especially the shoes.

  2. Too true!

    Thanks so much for always checking out the blog!

  3. Let me know when you come across another nice pair of white shorts, I've been looking for some

  4. I'll let you know! I wish so much that Martin + Osa was still open!! It was American Eagle's adult store, and had great, simple styles, with nicely-made clothes.