Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easy, breezy

Couple of problems today. Husband was feeling sick (on vacation!), so we ran to the doctor and the pharmacist to get him on the track to feeling better. And when I wasn't at the gym giving him nap time, I was wearing this.
Shirt - Urban Outfitters (White tank top under the shirt, hard to see in the pic, though - Target), Bracelets - Uniquities, Watch - Michele Watches, Belt - Primark, Skirt - PacSun (Husband found), Sandals - Jeffrey Campbell
And here was our other problem today, walking to and from restaurants, the doctor, the pharmacy. You see it was breezy. And I think I flashed some people. Sigh. I was just wanting to wear a short skirt since I'm on vacation, and I specifically wanted to wear this skirt to do some mixing instead of my usual matching.
Just look at how the blue, yellow, and black work so well together without being too matchy-matchy. And I adore my Alice in Wonderland shirt because I generally love Alice.

I'm reading another favorite children's book right now. I just finished the first Harry Potter book today and moved into the second book. Here's the review I put on Goodreads forever ago. I still truly believe that the first chapter, The Boy Who Lived, is one of the best first chapters ever.

I'm rereading HP in anticipation of the second half of the last movie. I always reread the books before the books came out, and I've done the same for the movies. I can't believe this is the last time I'm doing this! Well, in anticipation of something. I will obviously reread these at other times.


  1. Thanks! It's pretty short so it doesn't venture out of the closet too much.