Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bunnies hopping along to the Warblers

Today was a completely gorgeous day, but chilly in the morning. I didn't have a specific outfit planned for the weather, so pulled on a warmer-weather dress and shorter-sleeve cardigan then added elements right for the morning chill.
Cardigan - Express, Dress - Erin Fetherston for Target, Boots - Frye
Those elements are: (1) Short cowboy boots. The closed-toe option was necessary and plus I can wear thick socks with these. Also, by the way, when I first got these boots, I thought, What the heck am I going to wear these with? I happened to wear them with some boot cut jeans when I went to see Target's Go International dresses, and so I was wearing them with every dress I tried on. Um, the answer is: They go with everything. Something else that goes with everything? (2) Black leather motorcycle jacket. And actually, also (3) Black scarf.
Jacket - Michael Kors, Scarf - Gift from Mom
As I was running out into the cold morning air, Husband threw the latest Glee CD, with only Warbler music. I truly love the Warblers. They sing songs that (1) I'm so sick of but gain a new appreciation for ('Teenage Dream', 'Hey, Soul Sister'), (2) I would consider my guilty pleasure songs ('Bill, Bills, Bills', 'Silly Love Songs'), or (3) I completely, insanely love ('When I Get You Alone'--Hello? Robin Thicke is my husband. Not Husband, but just a husband, like an extra one. And I was pretty sure only Best Friend, Husband, and I knew this song even existed.). Oh right, so my title only half makes sense. Check out the details on my dress:

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