Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fave of the week: May 21 - May 27

I had a tough time deciding on my favorite outfit of the week, and I also did not want to choose a non-work outfit (it makes me feel sorry for my work clothes, like they're my red-headed stepchildren), but I had favorite outfit was from last Saturday.
Also, um, how awesome was my hair that day? I've started to come to the realization that hair can make or break an outfit, so I've been trying to spend more time on it. You know what's annoying, though? I've also realized that my hair does not photograph well. Yesterday, my hair was awesome, eliciting many compliments from Husband, but it looks like complete crap in my picture.

Anyway, back to Saturday's outfit--I was happy with the bright yellow color (so happy!) and the accessories that went into this outfit. Casual, comfortable, but still stylish.

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  1. That yellow color looks truly happy! It is making me happy too.