Monday, May 23, 2011

Make Old New

I recently realized that I own a lot of dresses. It's great because all by itself, it's an entire outfit (you know, once you add shoes). But it's also difficult if you're trying to make exciting ensembles. Because you put on the dress...and you're done. So I need to add things over or under the dress.
Collared tank top - Express, Faux wrapdress - Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
I've had this dress and the shirt underneath it for five years, and I've never worn the shirt under the dress. I couldn't believe that I never noticed that the blues matches perfectly. And it worked really well because both have such deep V-necks, but together, they managed to make a work-appropriate neckline. (Sorry not to have a good close-up, by the way. Still new to the style blogging, will be my excuse.)
I adore my Jeffrey Campbell shoes.They threaten to make me look stumpy but they're comfy and soft and gorgeous.


  1. I love the way its so easy to put on a dress and shoes and voila, all done. your wedges look fab!

  2. Thanks! I'm definitely a big Jeffrey Campbell fan!