Friday, May 6, 2011


Everything was off today. The outfit I had planned out required a white tank top. No white tanks available. Ooookay, I could have rolled with a pink tank top. Both of those dirty too. So I had to throw something on, and felt okay about it until about two hours into work. I hate that feeling. When you've worn something long enough that you can't just change it, but you still have a full day of feeling not-so-cute.
Headband - Goody, Tunic - Arden B., Jeggings - American Eagle (Husband found), Wedges - Target
I decided about two hours into the work day that I should have worn black leggings and multi-metallic wedges. Or gone with this but put on a long, dark-colored necklace. I just hated the lighter colored headband with light beige on top, and dark jeans and dark shoes on the bottom. It didn't feel mixed in enough. Or maybe I didn't cuff my pants enough, or I shouldn't have worn shoes that cut across my foot just so. Or maybe no headband and just put my hair in a bun because it was just a mess. It got a lot of compliments today, though.
 As did my shoes.
 I seriously think both each cost $6 at Target. Along with stressful things at work and chores and errands after work, it was a busy day. And I'm pretty certain all the badness started when I looked in the mirror at the work bathroom and thought, WTF.

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  1. i think you look great, don't be so hard on yourself!