Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fave of the week: April 30 - May 6

You know what I realized on Friday after I wah-wahed all over my outfit and my crap day? I realized wearing something that didn't make me happy was my own fault. I didn't plan ahead enough (don't just have one Office Casual Friday outfit, have a back-up), and even if I was left without a plan, why couldn't I come up with something more exciting on the fly (because that takes practice, which I still need).

Then I looked through the week's outfits and looked through my own favorite style blogs, and I decided that Tuesday's outfit was my favorite of the week:
It got a lot of compliments, including, "You look very fashionable today!" pause, "Not that you normally don't look fashionable...." And some awkwardness while I processed and finally spit out a thank you. But it was more fashionable that my other outfits of the week. It reminded me of what my favorite fashion bloggers do: thinking outside the box while shopping your own closet to make a never-before-thought-of combination. Not just putting on something pretty (which some days that's what we all do). But taking the time to think about mixing patterns made a big difference in how I looked, and then, how I felt about myself.

With those thoughts in mind, I retreated to my closet and came up with some new combinations of things, mixing patterns, mixing old with new, mixing casual with fancy. It made me remember one of the reasons I started this fashion blog--to challenge myself. Am I a girl that just wears pretty things? Or am I a girl that is truly into fashion? A girl that can play with looks, isn't afraid to try new things.

Then I kind of patted myself on the back for Friday's outfit. Okay, it wasn't my best, it didn't make me feel great, but sometimes you fail in fashion, and that's okay too. Because it shows that you tried. So that's what I'll do for now--try to be a fashionable girl.

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  1. Love this look, I could totally rock something like this!