Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Enjoy being a girl

Remember those Gap ads with Sarah Jessica Parker? I completely adored them and still think it's one of their best ad campaigns ever. And there are some days where I put on an outfit and hum to myself that I, too, enjoy being a girl.
Necklace - Target, Striped cami - Gap (stolen from Sister ages ago), Blue button-down - American Eagle,  Skirt - Charlotte Russe (found by Husband), Bracelets - Uniquities, Watch - Michele Watches (anniversary gift), wedges (Michael Kors)

I am a completely matchy-matchy person but I think I got pretty good over the fall and winter (when I discovered style blogs) at becoming more of a mixing person. Now that the weather's changing, I feel like I have to completely relearn and rethink the mixing. Today I went with stripes and polka dots, which might be my favorite mixing patterns. I know a lot of people dig stripes and florals, but I don't have too many floral things in my closet.

Then I kind of fell back into my matching slump by trying to match my skirt with my watch and bracelets and necklace. I looked in the mirror and thought of that adage that says before you leave the house, you should take off one of your accessories, so as to avoid accessory overload. Well I'm a girl darn it, and I felt like overloading the accessories. And putting on gold shoes. So there. I'm just going to enjoy it.

Speaking of enjoying, I'm over halfway through The Wilding by Benjamin Percy, and it's excellent. I left my book at work last night and felt like I had left behind a limb, and was dying to read it. My full review will be up soon.

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