Saturday, August 20, 2011

You fancy, huh?

Thursday I woke up and couldn't handle real "work" clothes. "OMG, pleeeease," I pleaded to my closet, "let it be Friday." My closet can make a lot of magical things happen, but it would not do this one little thing for me. So I pretended like it was Friday and pulled on some olive khaki capris anyway.
Blouse - Uniquities, White tank (underneath) - Target, Belt - Target, Olive khaki capris - 7 for All Mankind, Olive wedges - Franco Sarto, Pink flip flops, pink toenails, freshly waxed eyebrows - Salon
Whenever I go more casual than I should, I justify it by telling myself it's the most expensive outfit I've worn all week, which I think should count for something.
I mean, that counts, right?
These pictures were taken after an evening with Sister, getting our toenails did. Then I went ahead and got my eyebrows waxed because I have been way too lazy/busy to get them threaded at my usual place. First time getting a waxing! I think I'll normally thread (I read that waxing gives you wrinkles. No, seriously.), but waxing actually didn't hurt like I thought it would.
Here are my super awesome wedges.
Sorry you don't get to see me in my wedges, but I couldn't risk smudging my beautiful nails (again).
And these flip flops matched anyhow.

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