Friday, August 5, 2011

I got it from my momma

Husband and I had a little giggle yesterday while he was taking these pictures, and he said, "Where did you get that skirt? I've never seen that skirt." And I did a little dance and said:
I got it from my momma!
Please tell me you know this song, or else it isn't funny.
Necklace - From a friend, Top - Nordstrom, Black tank - Target, Skirt - I got it from my momma!, Black belt (worn backwards) - Lacoste, Green espadrilles - Franco Sarto
Mom gave me this skirt as a challenge/dare. She doesn't seem to understand that, seriously, when it comes to fashion, pretty much anything goes with me. Or maybe she does understand, and she's trying to help me out?
Those are fish swimming on the skirt.
I just wish the skirt was a smidge longer or shorter. It's nearly midi-length! I might hold on to this skirt a little bit longer and wear it another time or two, but it truly belongs to my sister. She's both a little taller and slimmer, and could pull this off a lot better.


  1. You look so cute in mom's skirt! Great job putting it together. I may be taller/slimmer but you have more confidence and sense to pull this off.

  2. Just wear it with a black tank and a smile--done!