Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fave of the week: July 30-August 5

I had a few faves this week, including last Saturday's movie-going outfit (complete with cardigan for chilly theaters!) and, unsurprisingly probably, my BDIB: arm party outfit (it's amazing how trying a different spin on your accessories can make you feel special all day). This week, though, Friday's outfit came out on top:
The white jeans are an example of things I can wear in other seasons, but I most definitely need to get them out in the summer, so I'm glad I finally got around to that. I don't normally do that light yellow (I prefer brights!), but I loved the crisp blue flowers on the top. The mini-party with the belts, which went perfectly with my beloved clogs, made me feel pulled together but fun. And somehow, though every part of me was covered up except for my arms (I mean, check out how high that neckline goes), I felt strangely sexy all day. Maybe it's because of how fitted the top was, maybe it's the stand-out white jeans, maybe the amount of gym time dedicated to my arms is paying off, or maybe it's the many compliments from Husband, but it's a powerful thing to walk around all day and think, Oh yeah, I am rocking this.

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