Thursday, June 2, 2011

The prettiest dress

Do you know how bad today was? And, actually, kind of yesterday too? So bad that you're not going to get today's outfit. This is yesterday's, and that's all you get to see:
Dress - Anthropologie, White cami - American Eagle, Pinkish-red wedges - Me Too
Things have been so crazy that I haven't been putting on make-up. This hairdo? I put my hair in a bun to wash my face and decided that it was also just fine for the rest of the day. But sometimes it's okay to do things like that, for example, when you're wearing the prettiest dress in your closet (it distracts people from the face-washing bun...I think).
It's a wrap dress from Anthropologie, in just the most gorgeous colors. I love wrap dresses, I love colors, and though I normally don't do this much color in such a flowered pattern, it's turned into a dearly loved dress. The shoes didn't perfectly match any color, but went well with the pinks, reds, and even the blue background.
I was actually wearing a cute dress today too but my hair was awful, I didn't take a picture, and even though Husband said, "Are you sure?" with the camera all ready to go, all I could was grumble and step right on out of that dress.


  1. Oh, I sure would love to see what you wore today even if your hair was "awful" as you have described. You look pretty in that dress.

  2. Thanks! I'll eventually wear the dress again, so no worries.