Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gotta work those accessories

I will just start this by saying: I do not support tanning. It's terrible for your skin, and I do everything from sunscreen to giant hats to hiding under a towel to keep my skin protected. In fact, I have always wished that I had fair skin (and red hair). But, if you do have a tan, fresh from the beach, as is my situation, rock a white shirt.
Yellow necklace - Nordstrom, White button-down - Petite Sophisticate, Bronze belt - Target, White Watch - Michele Watches, Brown pants - Express, Sandals - Jeffrey Campbell
My tan was basically the best accessory ever.

My office is pretty casual so even though I used to wear this sort of thing often when I started the job, it's kind of fallen on the wayside. I stepped it up a bit, though, because today we had a visitor. I rediscovered this super professional white shirt the first time I wore a tie, and I wanted to stick to easy colors to showcase my necklace.
Gah, I love it. After parading around trying to feel like a million bucks and sitting in some meetings, I scooted off early. I actually started getting sick yesterday, and very honestly, the only thing keeping me together for most of today was wearing this outfit. (Yes, I did just admit that.) I drove home feeling way less than a million, crawled into bed, and took a nap. And maybe got through a good amount of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I stopped before Harry goes into the maze because you know that's when ish goes down.


  1. I like your white shirt and the necklace. True, your outfit can influence your day.

  2. Thanks! Outfits always influence my day! I guess that's why I'm so into shopping, dressing, etc.

  3. Thanks! I love love love it too. It was in the juniors section of Nordstrom, so it wasn't crazy expensive. I think it even came in other colors, but the saleslady said yellow was all they had left, which was fine by me! I just checked online and didn't see it listed anywhere :( Definitely check through there sometimes!