Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 for 30 Summer 2011: Outfit 8

I've worn this dress as a skirt and today I wore it as a shirt:
Blue cardigan - Gap Outlet, White cami - American Eagle, Dress as shirt - American Eagle, Skirt - Anthro, Strappy wedges - Jeffrey Campbell
Maybe one day I'll just wear it as a dress--what a concept! My favorite part of it is the tied string detail on the front...and okay, I wanted to give a close-up of these blues working together:
I've been meaning to post this for a while now--did we all see this article in the Wall Street Journal about how dark young adult literature is these days? Here's the part I thought was most shocking:

'In Andrew Smith's 2010 novel, "The Marbury Lens," for example, young Jack is drugged, abducted and nearly raped by a male captor. After escaping, he encounters a curious pair of glasses that transport him into an alternate world of almost unimaginable gore and cruelty. Moments after arriving he finds himself facing a wall of horrors, "covered with impaled heads and other dripping, black-rot body parts: hands, hearts, feet, ears, penises. Where the f— was this?" No happy ending to this one, either.'

WTF. Yeah, okay, that's pretty dark.

Here's a response to it that I actually read first, which might be influencing me, but I agree with it more. Also, the beginning of that WSJ article is killing me, picturing this mother in Barnes & Noble not able to find anything appropriate. Does your Barnes & Noble not have a Sarah Dessen section because mine does and there are no mentions of incest or murder in those. Maybe vaguely sex, but I don't think the word "penis" is ever actually used. Also, geez, Barnes & Noble is a business, in it to make money, not really put forth the best in young adult literature. Sensationalism sells, kids (and moms), so if you're not into that, please go to your local library or find some used books online.

Also, how badly do you want to read Flowers in the Attic now?


  1. loved all the patterns in this outfit, and neat idea making dress into the shirt, never thought of that before

  2. It definitely expands your wardrobe when you think about other ways to wear things. I've tried to do that a lot with my clothes, but the 30 for 30 challenge really pushed me to try more things.