Wednesday, June 8, 2011

American Prep Menswear, Take Two

So after the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge, I felt really inspired to keep integrating ties into my outfits. I had just one more tie in my collection, an old knit one stolen from my dad's closet.
It's maroon (a great color on him) with multi-colored stripes of blue, pink, and yellow. I took it for a spin with a polo shirt that I've been wanting to also wear with this skirt. I'm still not sure, even now at the end of the day, how I feel about the combination, but I got tons of compliments. It was kind of bizarre, actually, how the first time I wore a tie, I got only one comment, but today, wow, tons of comments.
Blue polo shirt - Lacoste, Tie - from Dad's closet, Skirt - Ann Taylor Loft, Watch - Michele Watches, Patent leather green wedges - Steve Madden
Also, I had no idea what shoes to wear, so I decided to throw in another color. I think my brain is fried from having to be so creative while planning for the 30 for 30. I have 29 things chosen! I can't decide if my last thing should be an extra dress, to have as a back-up that will probably give me two or three more outfits, or if I should go with another pair of shoes since I currently have three pairs and that doesn't seem like quite enough.


  1. aaah...super cute!!! i can see why you got tons of compliments. very girly, but the tie just gives it that pazazz. :)

    re: 30 for 30, how many dresses do you have chosen so far?

    kimchi girl

  2. I definitely need more ties in my life. I have future outfits planned around a purple tie and a green tie.

    Dresses for the 30 for 30...let's see...I have three dresses. Then there are two skirts, one pair of color jeans, leggings, and denim shorts, with various tops to go with those. That's a lot right? I could do with another pair of shoes, I think. If I go with another dress, I feel like it'll kind of be like how I always overpack my suitcase on trips.