Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Neon + Neutral, Take Two

My second BDIB: Neon + Neutral outfit heavily focuses on the neutral of black, which honestly, I wasn't even sure if it counted for the challenge. The fabulous examples provided all showed neons with white or nude colors, which is what I went with yesterday. But I would normally classify black as a neutral, wouldn't you?
Fifi Lapin scarf - Charlotte Russe, Hot pink dress - Hollister, Black dress - BCBGMAXAZRIA via Ross, Shoes - Target
Also what seems to not count about this outfit is that the assignment calls to colorblock with your neons and neutrals, whereas I threw in this scream-inducing, patterned scarf. I say "scream-inducing" because when I saw it at the random outlet mall in Arizona, I whisper-screamed to Husband, "Fifi Lapin! Fi. Fi. La. Pin. On a scarf!" But then I decided this: BDIB is supposed to make you think outside the box, and hey, even if you don't go by the BDIB rules, as long as you got outside the box, it's a win.
Because, no, I would not normally wear a pink summer dress under a black work dress. And I haven't known what to wear this scarf with until now. And I've never worn a scarf like this.
I was very happy to already have my outfit all laid out yesterday and today because it's been a whirlwind of activity here. Visiting family = sharing stories over dinner, playing Go Fish, swimming at the pool, watching movies, and cleaning. I currently have cookies cooling, as well as tomorrow's breakfast of waffles. No wonder the book reading hasn't been happening at all lately.


  1. the dress underneath is so innovative! i'm so into this neon/neutral theme these days. so right on! and the scarf you tied like that?!? genius. :)

    kimchi girl

  2. Thanks! I felt super creative all day, but I got some weird looks. It's good to hear that at least one person appreciated it!