Tuesday, June 28, 2011

30 for 30 Summer 2011: Outfit 14

Today I decided to keep things simple and wear this dress, not as a bottom, not as a top (you'll see that later), but just as a dress.
Cardigan - PacSun (Husband found), Cream cami - Who knows anymore?, Dress - H&M, Strappy wedges - Jeffrey Campbell
I remember when I saw and tried on this dress I just felt like, Meeeehhhh. But I was in San Francisco and I needed to buy a clothing souvenir and I don't think we had an H&M in the area at the time...and now it's one of my #1 go to dress. I like the cool colors and it's super comfortable.
Man, my hair lately has been goooooood.


  1. I love this dress and the teal cardigan and you were having a damn good hair day too!

  2. Good hair days always make outfits look better! The color of the cardigan and the colors in the dress are some of my favorites.