Friday, June 24, 2011

30 for 30 Summer 2011: Outfit 10

I felt a little panicked yesterday, wondering if I could really get through the 30 for 30. I know I planned carefully, making sure everything went with multiple things, but I had forgotten some of my planned outfits and some of them were boring anyhow. I looked through my selection of clothes and came up with my outfits for the next week, putting me halfway through the challenge. And I also came up with a couple of outfits that I didn't have planned, including today's:
Orange and blue headband - Nordstrom, Shirt - Martin + Osa, Watch - Michele Watches, Dress as skirt - Nordstrom, Gold espadrilles - Michael Kors
I completely love those shirt. I found it right after I told Husband I needed to find some more stylish tees, and this one, looking just like a sunset, was just the sort of things I was thinking about. The colors include yellow, which blended right in with the skirt:
And orange, which let me bring out this fabulous but seldom-worn headband:
Thanks to Sister for taking today's pictures!