Sunday, October 16, 2011

Well, your colors are ugly

Yesterday Husband and I went to the Carolina/Miami game.
Blue headband - Missoni for Target, Blue hooded sweatshirt - American Eagle, Little black dress - Urban Outfitters, Striped socks - Target, Boots - Frye
And I thought about how great Carolina blue looks with white, brown, black, and really any color.
Unfortunately, we blew the game, though the last few minutes gave us some hopeful moments where we screamed our heads off. And then I comforted myself by thinking about how ugly Miami's green and orange colors are together.
Sorry, but it's true.
Also, they don't have clothing opportunities like this:
This was the hat of the man in front of me. How cute is that?
Also, I'm sorry, nobody has a better marching band. They did a really cool show based on major movies--the music from the movies, their formations symbolizing the movies--so the S for Superman, a ship for Pirates of the Caribbean, and this:
HP for Harry Potter! God, I'm such a band and book geek.


  1. I didn't know the Marching Band did a HP formation, OMG, I am so proud of the Tar heel marching band!

    Also you are right, our school colors are awesome!

  2. It was definitely their best show of the year! I squealed like a little girl when they started the Harry Potter music.