Thursday, October 6, 2011


Look, I don't know if I've worn too many heels lately, if I've been sitting too much at work, or if I strained something at the gym last night at Cardiocraze(!), but I am having some pains in my body that made me think, Well, if I'm going to do the Uggs, it's going to be today.
Gray cardigan - Banana Republic (Hi, Mom, it's our cardigan!), Dress - Proenza Schouler for Target, Gray cardi boots - Uggs
Plus, okay, I stayed up late and was tired this morning, essentially wanting to stay in pajamas. These shoes are like pajamas for your feet.
So not the most creative outfit, but darn comfortable. And we all deserve that sometimes.
What was I watching last night? American Horror Story on FX. Dang! You guys, I've found a new favorite show, and I totally just stumbled on it, idly flipping channels while baking banana bread (thanks, Mark Bittman, you really do know how to cook everything)! It's like everything I could ever want in a gothic novel, with extra doses of Creepy As Hell. Also...hello, Dylan McDermott. You can sleepwalk right over to my house.
What were we talking about?!
Oh, right, I've nearly got the fun bun down by now. I just need to be more aggressive about putting it more on top of my head. And stop being lazy and curl my hair first. Blahblahblah, Dylan McDermott.


  1. so jealous how your boots looked so comfortable, want to have that. :)

  2. Thanks, ladies. They are ridiculously comfortable. Very warm too.