Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Putting together a fave

All day yesterday I felt like, This outfit is going to be my fave of the week.
Striped tunic - Arden B., Blue cardigan - Gap Outlet, Cheetah belt - dEliA*s, Skirt - Anthropologie, Boots - Sam Edelman
I wanted to wear this striped top to play off the blue and white in this skirt. When I put it on, I didn't feel like it looked bad, but there was something missing. With pattern mixing, wearing a solid color that works with both pattern can unify the outfit.
What was the solid color I went with?
I went with this blue cardigan that let the fun neckline of the top peek out. Originally I went with a loose black V-neck that also worked with the neckline that I also quite liked, but it so cold yesterday morning so I switched it out for the cardigan.
Then the problem was shoes!
Mixing blue and black can be tricky because then you wonder what color shoes to wear. I'm a strong believer in this shade of brown in the boots going with anything, but the black heels and tips also help to mix it in with black outfits. Then I threw on the belt to better tie in the brown and black boots.
Finally I attempted to put my hair in a French twist.
I believe when you're short and you're wearing flat shoes, you should put up your hair! It gives an illusion of height when you're needing it.

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