Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seeing green

Today's outfit picked up the majority color of my purse.
Green cardigan - Gap Outlet, Black cami - Express, Alice in Wonderland T-shirt - Urban Outfitters, Brown skirt - Urban Outfitters, Purse - tokidoki for LeSportsac, Brown boots - Naughty Monkey
I felt very early fall in these colors.
Though it's not early fall, just feeling like it with record highs lately.
It was a busy day, wrapping up with a trip with Husband to Child's trial class.
A lot of fun!


  1. Great outfit I love the bottom of that skirt, makes it extra special!

  2. Thanks! The skirt is pretty simple--light brown, cotton--so you're right, the extra bit at the bottom gives it that little something.