Monday, October 31, 2011

Beyond the Frame

What did you do Sunday? Because I hung out with Claude Monet.
Hat - Nordstrom (Present from Husband), Sweater dress - H&M, Necklace (as bracelet) - Aeropostale, Watch - Michele Watches, Purse - Wilson's Leather, Black leggings - Arden B., Brown and beige striped socks - Target, Boots - Frye
Yeah, not really. Sunday was the last day of an art exhibit nearby called Beyond the Frame, which showed life-size statues imitating Impressionist paintings. The one above, though, is the artist's statue of Monet, whose art he features a lot.
Such as Monet's La Japonaise, which John Seward Johnson featured in his Oriental Fan.
Husband and I also hung out with Johnson's Landlady.
Based on Van Gogh's L'Ariesienne: Madame Joseph-Michel Ginoux
And it was incredibly cool to hop into Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party.
Just chatting with some buddies.
In particular, this lady.
Renoir's wife.
There were a few other pieces, and they were all amazing to see. The colors, the size of them, the details, and just to see things in 3-D, especially the people in the background was a lot of fun.


  1. Cool, wish I had known would have gone too. Like the hat!

  2. I only remembered to go at the last minute, and unfortunately, it was the last day! Apparently the artist has many acres of land at his home in New Jersey and he lets people walk around to see the statues there.